MR Chowdhury - one of the most visionary person who started GME in 1966; which stands for Graphic Machinery and Equipment. Initially GME was involve with indenting of Graphic equipment. Immediately after liberation of Bangladesh GME started diversified business in Graphic & Medical than gradually in Photo-Imaging, Holding, Printing Ink, Agro, Medical devices, etc.

All the business under the umbrella of GME run under name of Graphic Machinery and EquipmentLtd. ,Medi Graphic Trading Ltd., Modern Imaging Ltd., GME Agro Ltd., Fuji Ink Ltd., ANC Medical Device Bd. Ltd. etc. Medi Graphic Trading Ltd. is the fastest growing and biggest importer & distributor of medical equipment and consumables in Bangladesh. Medi Graphic is the pioneer in healthcare sector digitization with unique solutionstoo. Medi Graphic Trading Ltd. is the sole distributor and Boston Scientific - USA, Konika Minolta Inc. - Japan, J. Morita Corporation - Japan,OsteoSys Co. - Korea, Neusoft Co. - China, &Medisono LLC - USA,

Graphic Machinery and Equipment Ltd. is the sole distributor of world renown Fujifilm Corporation - Japan, Shimadzu Corporation - Japan, Bayer Healthcare - USA, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. - Japan, Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation - Japan